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Data Protection Provisions: CONTENTshift Platform
(Last updated: 7 April 2016)

Data collection/storage for marketing and optimisation purposes (etracker)
Data is collected and stored on this website for marketing and optimisation purposes using technologies supplied by etracker GmbH ( User profiles are created from these data using a pseudonym. Cookies may be used to collect and store this data. Cookies are small text files which are stored in the temporary memory of the visitor's internet browser. These cookies enable the recognition of the internet browser.

The data collected using etracker technologies will not be used to identify visitors to this website without the explicit consent of the user concerned. The data collected will also not be merged with the personal data using the pseudonym. The collection and storage of data can be revoked at any time with immediate effect. Further information on the data protection technologies of etracker GmbH can be found here.

2. Incorporation of third-party services and content
Third-party content, such as YouTube videos, map material from Google Maps, RSS feeds and graphics from other websites, can be incorporated on the website. This always presupposes that the provider of this content (hereafter referred to as the “third-party provider”) makes use of the user’s IP address, seeing as the third-party provider would be unable to send the content to the respective user’s browser without the IP address. The IP address is thus required for displaying this content. We endeavour to use content from only those providers who use IP addresses solely for distributing content. However, we have no influence on whether the third-party provider saves the IP address, e.g. for statistical purposes.

3. Collecting and storing personal data
Personal data are not collected, stored or used unless these data are provided by you on a voluntary basis, for example to execute a contract, in answer to a survey or as part of the registration for a personalized service. Unless otherwise authorised, any personal data collected in this manner will be used solely to execute a contract concluded with you or to respond to your enquiry.

4. No passing on of personal data for advertising or marketing purposes
We will in no case pass on your personal data to any third party for advertising or marketing purposes.

The passing on of personal data to third parties will take place only when necessary to carry out the projects and competitions associated with the CONTENTshift platform.

5. Consent to use data in other contexts
If in the course of visiting this website you have given your consent for the further use or transmission of your data, you nevertheless have the opportunity to withdraw this consent at any time.

6. Cancellations, modifications, corrections and updates
Users have the right to obtain information about their stored data on request and free of charge. Furthermore users also have a right to correct inaccurate data and to block and delete their personal data provided there is no legal obligation in place to store the data.