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The CONTENTshift startup club is a service provided by the Börsenverein (German Publishers and Booksellers Association) aimed at assisting young and innovative companies currently developing business ideas relating to the book industry.One of our goals as a trade association is to enable the access of new and exciting players to the industry. Our startup club services are therefore tailored to the precise needs of participants, which means they range from events and targeted networking activities to knowledge transfer and strategic opportunities to raise visibility within the industry.

In order to ensure that our services produce tangible and best-possible results for club participants, we regularly adjust and fine-tune our approach in tandem with the startups themselves.

The events that I attended were very well organised and also very useful. I’ve made a number of great contacts which I am in the process of following up on. Furthermore, we also gained some useful insights into which areas of the German market we should be focussing on and which of our use cases are the most relevant. Ryan Morison, Erudition
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Benefits 2021

Free access to leading industry events

Industry-wide visibility/scope

  • At our Icebreaker events 
  • Speed-dating sessions with industry companies and potential partners at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Showcasing your business model in the social media channels of the Börsenverein and CONTENTshift
  • Discount on print advertisements in the Börsenblatt

Networking and exchange

Get to know decision makers

  • Are you looking for strategic contacts to potential clients? We'll find the right contact person for your needs.

Industry and market expertise

  • Legal information free of charge
  • Your name on the mailing list of the IG Digital of the Börsenverein (German Publishers and Booksellers Association)
  • Current edition of the statistic market compendium "Books and Bookselling in Numbers" ("Buch und Buchhandel in Zahlen")
  • "Industry Knowledge" webinar at mediacampus frankfurt
  • Interested in presenting your business model to industry experts? We'll find the perfect contact person in the Börsenverein Group
  • Keep up to date: Discounted price on the subscription to the Börsenblatt 
    (185€ annually plus postal charges instead of 450€)

We reserve the right to adjust our offer in the event of changed circumstances.

Background Information

Any startup with a business model that relates to the book industry or one that can be applied to the book industry is eligible to participate. The annual fee per year is 399 € (plus VAT).

Eligibility criteria:

  • Your startup offers services for the book industry 
  • For legal reasons, the company is not permitted to apply for a full membership in the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. (German Publishers and Booksellers Association), because it cannot be designated as part of the book producing or distributing industry
  • A maximum of ten full-time employees

Get in touch

Stefanie Perk

Stefanie Perk Head of Strategy and Innovation, German Publishers and Booksellers Association (Börsenverein)

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