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Idoia Soto

Idoia Soto
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My startup and Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I reply:
Open a google and search for entreescritores.

If I wanted to explain my business model to my grandmother I would say:
It’s a place where new authors can publish books and find their first readers whose reviews could help them to be discovered by editors.

My idea will change the content industry because... connects the book industry with all its knowledge about publishing with the online word, in which the readers opinions are very powerful.

My motivation

My work makes me happy when…
...I achieve my goals to make entreescritores grow.

To be able to work well I need
...a team.

My experiences

My best experience until now:
To have 5 books published by publishing houses thanks to the votes of the readers

Never again I would…
Never stop. Always try again.

When I meet investors I…
...tell them: "Let me show you how entreescritores works."

The future

When I overcome the next obsticle,…
...I have another one to solve.

If everything happens as planned now, in five years my company will… the selfpublishing platform of small editorials and the best indie authors.

If I had a free wish…
I see a lot of ways of reading and accessing books, new ways to discover books through a piece of music, art, paintings... a place to transform books...

In ten years content will be…
...the queen!

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