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Patrick M. Müller
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My Startup and Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I reply:
I am an entrepreneur in the media industry and partner of a creative agency. 

If I wanted to explain my business model to my grandmother I would say:
We produce nonfiction books for mobile phones, which not only contain text and pictures but mainly videos.

My idea will change the content industry because...
…videobooks are a new digital format and enable content owners to upgrade their products with this new feature. Videobooks creator is the equivalent tool and as well as the app for mobil phones are the equivalent sales platforms. 
My motivation

My work makes me happy when…
…I can make a difference.

To be able to work well I need…
…time. Time – to get inspired by a conversation or an idea. Time – to think about the big picture.

My experiences

My best experience until now:
- Find the courage to trust your own intuition.
- Find the courage to leave the existing behind.
- Find the courage to delegate responsibility to your employees.

Never again would I…
…get myself into a project although my instinct tells me not to.

When I meet investors I…
…ask myself: Would I work together with this person even though he/she doesn’t has a check book. Nothing is more replaceable than money. The actual match has to be at a personal level.

The future

When I overcome the next obsticle,…
…I would prove to us that not only we believe in our business idea but even experts do.

If everything happens as planned now, in five years my company will…
…have become the provider of a central platform for the new digital format videobooks and therefor, I would have become partner of an international media company.

If I had a free wish…
…I would wish for the right timing: Being at the right place, at the right time with the right idea.

In ten years content will be…
…high, digital longform-content, which is going to be chosen by the users preferable platform with a subscription fee. The platform acquires customized content. Therefore, there are going to exist new, long-term formats in the multimedia sector. News are going to become a commodity and will continue to be for free and ad-free. Digital content will mainly be consumed on mobile phones and tablets are going to be granted a major role. In addition and contrary to many expectations , print media and other traditional forms like linear tv will continue to exist. Just not in today’s quantity.

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