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About us

CONTENTshift is an initiative of the Börsenvereinsgruppe, which comprises the following bodies:

We work together to foster the book industry and provide support for market participants in all areas, including the development of new business fields. Indeed, the book industry needs a constant flow of new business ideas in order to be able to keep up with digital transformation but also to be able to actively shape the future of the sector. For this reason, we are eager to anchor the theme of innovation firmly in the industry. This involves not just large companies, but also all market participants with a stake in the book industry. 

Startups possess wide-ranging digital expertise as well as a high level of flexibility. They also have a great degree of innovative capacity and provide a fresh take on the multitude of opportunities waiting to be discovered on the book market. In other words, they offer tremendous potential for the future of our industry. Our job is to tap this potential by bringing established industry players together with startups in such a way that they can work together at eye-level and turn innovation into tangible everyday products and services. 

This is precisely where CONTENTshift comes in. Our aim is to create close interconnected relationships between the world of startups and established book-industry players so that we can accomplish the following objectives: 

  • bring industry-relevant startups together with leading industry participants 
  • establish a nationwide and industry-wide exchange focusing on innovation
  • stimulate collaborations and investment 
  • facilitate startups‘ access to the market 
  • foster new solutions for the industry
  • bring some fresh air into the industry
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