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  • CONTENTshift accelerator 2024

    For Investors

The CONTENTshift programme offers content-industry players quick access to new ideas in a structured format.

In return for contributing financially to the programme, you will receive a spot on the jury as well as exclusive access to the startups participating in the competition!

An overview of programme benefits for investors

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to all participating startups: Learn more about new business models, methods and working modes. As a member of the jury, you'll not only gain insights into the way startups operate, you'll also discover new ideas to drive you own company forward.

Like-minded people

United by a pioneering spirit: When you become a member of the CONTENTshift jury, you simultaneously become part of an exclusive network of active and engaged businesspeople. Our programme provides you with a platform to exchange ideas with these like-minded entrepreneurs.


Our network allows you to establish contacts to founders working on ideas designed to foster the digital transformation of the industry.

Concrete added value

Take advantage of creative input from startup founders with regard to your own company-specific goals and requirements.

Knowledge transfer

Embed innovative solutions in your company: Bring along a strategic representative from your company to our workshop weekend in September.


Stay in touch with the times: What's going on in the startup scene? What are the latest trends? What works and what doesn't (yet)?


When you become a member of the jury, our PR and marketing services will give you and your company a visibility boost and promote your image as a digital pioneer in the industry.

What former jury members say

"CONTENTshift builds bridges between us and innovative young companies. A win-win for all. We are looking forward to exciting new ideas and contacts."

Nina Hugendubel und Per Dalheimer


Nina Hugendubel und Per Dalheimer

"As a member of the jury from the very beginning I can only speak positively about CONTENTshift. The direct contact to the start-ups was enriching in every aspect and has not only helped the founders but also the participating companies - through new ideas and contacts or a direct investment."

Detlef Büttner

Lehmanns Media

Olaf Carstens

"Digital meets publishing; that sounds like parallel universes, operating next to rather than with each other. This is where CONTENTshift comes in: By thinking in new business models and learning from and with each other at eye level."

Olaf Carstens


Olaf Carstens

"Even if it may not always appear that way to the outside world, the speed of innovation in the industry has increased significantly. For us, CONTENTshift is the platform to give founders with good ideas more efficient access to publishers and trade."

Dr. Leif Göritz


Leif Göritz

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