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Dr. Stephan Dietrich Managing Director

Dr. Stephan Dietrich
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"Pushing the boundaries of publishing" - never has this been more important than at the moment, as the current circumstances are powerfully driving us to push the boundaries of our industry. I'm glad that CONTENTshift is a forum for people who have bright ideas about this. Dr. Stephan Dietrich

Junfermann was founded in 1659 and is one of the oldest publishing houses in Germany. As a leading publisher in applied psychology, Junfermann offers a wide range of qualified books on communication, coaching, councelling, self-help, and psychotherapy. The German edition of Marshall Rosenberg’s „Nonviolent Communication“ is one of the bestselling books in its field with a total of almost half a million copies sold in the last 20 years. Furthermore, key topics on the Junfermann list include NLP and trauma therapy.

Dr. Stephan Dietrich has been managing director at Junfermann since 2012.

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