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Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter Professor, Media Publishing Studies, Stuttgart Media University

Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter
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In this era of digitisation and upheaval, the force of innovation is essential to securing the future of the publishing industry. As a leading industry association, the Börsenverein is the ideal coordinator for this programme. Universities and other academic institutions can also make important contributions. Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter


Okke Schlüter has been a professor of Media Convergence in the Department of Media Publishing at Stuttgart’s Hochschule der Medien (HdM) since 2008. In addition to media convergence, his teaching also focuses on crossmedia product management, innovation management, design thinking and digital business models. His book “DesignAgility - Toolbox Media Prototyping”, which he co-authored with Stefanie Quade, was published by Schäffer Poeschel in March 2017.  Design thinking also forms part of his coaching sessions in the context of the CONTENTshift programme.

Schlüter completed studies in Theatre, TV & Film, Slavonic Studies and Business Administration in Mainz, Berlin and Moscow before going on to complete a PhD in Slavonic Studies. In 1998, after stops at BCG and McKinsey, he became a junior executive trainee at Ernst Klett AG. From 2000 to 2008, he held management positions in companies belonging to the Klett Group.

In addition to his position at the HdM in Stuttgart, Schlüter has been involved in the protoTYPE innovation initiative since 2012 and has acted as a contributing expert to the CONTENTshift programme organised by the Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels since 2016. Schlüter also lectures at the Akademie der Deutschen Medien (ADM) and at Danube University Krems.


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