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Content Startup of the Year 2017


Write Reader (c) Christina Weiß

The jury has made its choice and named WriteReader the winner of CONTENTshift 2017!

Congratulations to Babar Baig and his team on their success! We also send out our best wishes to CHAI, Kontextlab, L-Pub and Therapio, the four other nominated startups who made it to the final round. Thanks for all the great work, creativity and cooperation. We hope everyone enjoyed the many exciting months we spent together.

Jury spokesperson Dr. Bettina Hansen: “WriteReader revolutionises the way children are taught to read and write. The technology they use awakens children’s creativity and joy for learning. When such young readers are encouraged to discover their own creativity and become enthusiastic about reading and books, the entire industry benefits in a long-term sustainable manner, especially with regard to customer life cycles. The compelling approach used by WriteReader has a clearly recognisable advantage for the retail book trade as well as for publishers. It also serves to genuinely enrich the overall market”.

We spoke to Babar Baig shortly after the award ceremony:


You won! How do you feel?
We’re absolutely delighted. It was all so exciting. It makes this moment even more amazing. 

You’re holding a cheque for €10,000 in your hands – what do you plan to do with it?
It’s great to have the €10,000, but it’s not the reason we participated in the competition.  

What was your goal?
We got involved because we wanted to gain access to the German market. WriteReader is a startup from Denmark, so the German market seemed like a jungle to us. CONTENTshift showed us a path through the jungle, which was the biggest benefit of the programme. Our potential clients came to us instead of the other way round. We didn’t have go to all the trouble of establishing contact to people we couldn’t even be sure were the right contacts. Our mentor and our coach helped us a lot in that area. It was the best thing that could’ve happened to us as a startup. We plan to invest the money in two things:  first of all, adapting our product to the German market and, second of all, travelling to meet and greet with potential partners in Germany. 

What are your concrete plans for the future?
At this point, we’ve just started getting going. We’ve had so many great conversations and we’re absolutely ready to establish ourselves as a company here. Our goal is to conclude two cooperative agreements in the next eight months, hopefully in Germany. 

What exactly does WriteReader do?
WriteReader encourages children to learn to read and write by creating, sharing and publishing their own books. Children learn best when they’re enthusiastic about something, and they love being able to tell their own stories. The idea is not to tell kids they’re doing something wrong; instead, we let them write things the way they want to and encourage them to take their own path to reading and writing.  

What’s your overall impression today on the last day of CONTENTshift 2017?
For us, it was an absolutely perfect programme. It couldn’t have been better. The support we got from the organisers, coaches and jury was great. The four-day workshop was terrific. And the other startups were fantastic. We’re very happy we got to experience this. We’re also looking forward to staying in touch with everybody. 

Text: Christiane Petersen
Foto: Christina Weiß

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