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Alexander Naydenov
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My Startup and Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I reply:
I encourage scientists and students to work together even while reading in order to support each other.

My idea will change the content industry because...
…scientists are going to read together and profit from that.

My motivation

My work makes me happy when…
…satisfied Twitter user, clients and colleges get in touch with me even on a weekend.

To be able to work well I need…
…a strong expresso or a Mate every two hours.

My experiences

My best experience until now:
1. Be quick and sort out your priorities fast.
2. Sleep is overrated.
3. Your team and adviser are the greatest strengths of your startup.

When I meet Investors I…
…am going to listen to him first before I will talk.

The future

If everything happens as planned now, in five years my company will…
…have advanced the scientific community towards a more efficient communication.

If I had a free wish…
…I would have even more developer and scientists in my team.

In ten years content will be…
…more compressed, combined and tailored to the individual needs of each reader. The understanding of a text is going to be supported by other readers and bots.

You can also find us here
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