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Iris Reisenauer
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My Startup and Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I reply:
Right now, we work at a pretty interesting project, which we would like to transform into an actual business.

If I wanted to explain my business model to my grandmother I would say:
We earn money by providing institutes and companies with our platform which they make available for their own use.

My idea will change the content industry because...
…our technology makes the access to content more quickly. Everybody has the opportunity to find exactly the information he or she wants quick and easy. It anticipates many unnecessary decisions so that the user has then only to choose between the right paths for him. The user is still able to see the various paths the system took for him and can select the ones that seem to be right to him. This is going to enhance purchase decisions, research and science. 

My motivation

My work makes me happy when…
…we can engage others in our idea.

To be able to work well I need…
…a vision and the power to put it in action immediately.

My experiences

My best experience until now:
1. In order to incorporate a startup you not only need a great idea but also an excellent team that is willing to put time and effort into your project.
2. You have to have the courage to fail, because you can only learn from your mistakes. And at the end you reach a satisfactory outcome.
3. You always find the truth about your idea in the satisfaction of the customer.

Never again would I…
…start so early with the conception of a business plan.

When I meet investors we…
…are going to talk about the market potential of my business idea.

The future

When I overcome the next obstacle,…
… we will have come a little closer to our dream of a well-functioning business. 

If everything happens as planned now, in five years my company will…
…be the standard alternative for a search query in form of a list.

If I had a free wish…
…I would wish for an order of a big client who has a lot of customers.

In ten years content will be…
...more and more digital.

You can also find us here
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