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Dmitry Nedovis SummarizeBot

Dmitry Nedovis
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CONTENTshift is our gateway to the publishing industry. We are looking forward to get insights of the publishing industry by taking part in the contest. SummarizeBot took this challenge to get feedback regarding it’s products from the potential customers. It is really great opportunity for a small company like us to be noticed by the content creators. Dmitry Nedovis

Name: SummarizeBot

My start-up in a nutshell: 
SummarizeBot provides AI cloud services for text and multimedia analysis, it extracts the most important information, keywords and key-phrases from documents, audio and images, and turns your content into structured data

Interview: audiotrack

Our team: Dmitry Nedovis & AI Dream Team 

Our founding story: 
Two partners met by occasion to build something really reasonable in order to make every day life a bit easier.

How my business idea changes the content industry: 
We are overcoming information overload by proposing to the content industry technologies like aspect based multilingual summarization, aspect based sentiment analysis, computer vision, etc. Our objective is to change the way in which information is being consumed. We are preparing it and cooking it like in the best Michelin star restaurant. 

Mentor:Bettina Hansen (Thieme)

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