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Nataliya Tetruyeva

Nataliya Tetruyeva
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Our product displays the advantages engendered by digitisation in the realm of education: “Towards individual solutions!”. Instead of a book designed to address all learning levels, makes it possible to learn at a level that fits each individual child.

We are looking for strong partners who are eager to join us in promoting mobile reading and language acquisition in children and young adults. CONTENTshift is the ideal way for us to find and attract the right partners for Nataliya Tetruyeva


My start-up in a nutshell: provides children of all ages with a mobile language lab that allows them to strengthen their German language skills on an individual basis.


Our team:
The team consists of three founders, each with a diverse array of expertise, including in the intercultural realm. Our goal is to make a market leader in the field of natural language learning for children – not only in Germany, but also around the world. 

Nataliya Tetruyeva is co-creator and CEO of John McDonagh’s vision is to foster intuitive language acquisition with the help of new technologies. Felix Haffner co-creates content and markets the product on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

Our founding story:
Knowledge acquisition using sounds and images is changing the way children and adults engage in the learning process. We gathered our initial experiences on a personal level with select language acquisition techniques and e-learning in children. This led to the creation of Today, we use new technologies to provide easier access to language learning and to make it more interesting for children and young adults. 

Immersive language training represents an attractive market niche in the field of e-learning for children. is an entirely new kind of digital learning programme for the German-speaking and European markets. Modern language development theory has shown that the best way to learn new language structures and applications is by “natural” means, for example, by practicing frequent reading. is the perfect way to practice a language in an immersive way and to work to constantly improve your language skills.

How my business idea changes the content industry: 
The manner in which children will engage in successful learning and language acquisition in the future is a very topical and pressing question at the moment. We have developed a suitable product that makes significant inroads in this realm. offers a programme to promote natural language development at an appropriate level. Our vision is to develop an effective digital tool with which children can discover the world of languages. 

Children using are given a mobile language lab in which their language skills are strengthened on an individual basis. Our aim is to give each child the opportunity to learn at their own pace and at the level of difficulty that best suits them. In the future, the emphasis will be placed on user content. will also become a “showcase” for school classes and the whole family by making it possible to view and experience the ideas that children can produce with simple means of linguistic expression, will be able to be seen.  

Mentor:Nina Hugendubel / Per Dalheimer (Hugendubel)

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