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Torsten Caspar
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Name: mindzip

My start-up in a nutshell: 
Knowledge tends to fade if we don’t repeat or apply it. In fact, our brains forget up to 70% of newly learned information within the first week. MindZip transforms repetition into an easy and entertaining daily habit. Users can internalise up to 20 books every year with just 5 minutes of MindZip per day. 


Our founding story:
One day, while he was reading a non-fiction book, Torsten Caspar found himself asking the following questions: What would it be like if I were actually able to go back retrieve that sense of motivation and energy that arises when I read a new book? What would it be like if I were able to actually apply what I’ve learned at a later point in life? In order to do that, I would have to be able to have quick access to the things that are most important, to the core ideas. In other words, I would have to have a tool that allows me to “zip” all the important ideas simply and quickly in the process of learning; after that, all I would need to do, if necessary, is “unzip” them. But this tool should be capable of more than just compressing knowledge and saving it in a structured way. Ideally, it would function like a virtual coach that shows each user – on an individual basis – the ideas they’ve learned at the optimal moment, that is, precisely when the brain is beginning to forget. Thus, the idea behind MindZip was born. MindZip even makes it possible to share and exchange each user’s ideas with others, which means that everyone can publish. 

How my business idea changes the content industry:
People consume non-fiction content because they’re looking for solutions to certain problems in their lives. Our product helps to bring these ideas and thoughts of expert authors and influencers more effectively into people’s lives. MindZip is a format that works to complement all existing means of saving knowledge today. In addition to that, we will also soon be able to provide authors and publishers with detailed feedback on the quality of the content. The MindZip community will serve to create a unique reference system for human knowledge. This will make it easier to find relevant new content. (Which book should I read next?) In MindZip, communities will form around specific themes and questions. This will create a new forum in which people with similar interests can get to know each other. Authors and influencers will be able to play an active role in these realms.

Mentor: Ellen Vorac (deezer)

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