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Vlad Günther Scienceroot

Vlad Günther
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Our goal is to expand Scienceroot globally. This goal can be best achieved with the help of veterans and experts drawn from industry. CONTENTshift gives us the opportunity to generate contacts to experts from the content sector and to learn valuable tips and tricks. In addition, it paves the way to cooperation between our startup and large corporations. Vlad Gunther

Name: Scienceroot

My start-up in a nutshell: 
A blockchain-based scientific ecosystem that combines all requirements during the scientific discovery process.

Our founding story:
While Alex was completing his master’s thesis, he encountered many problems when working with researchers. This led him to join with Vlad to come up with the concept of Scienceroot in an effort to transform the current state of the scientific community. At the time, both he and Vlad were involved in the Blockchain community, and they both came to the conclusion that Blockchain might actually be able to provide clear and significant improvements for many of the current problems.

The result was the current Scienceroot ecosystem, which integrates cooperation, financing and publishing by means of Blockchain so as to create a new and unchangeable trust mechanism. The goal of Scienceroot is to create an ecosystem where scientists from all over the world have the opportunity to exchange ideas, to cooperate with one another, to attract financing and ultimately to publish their work on a significantly more open and transparent platform.

The ecosystem is driven by its own currency, called the Science Token, which can be used for the exchange of scientific services, unchangeable data storage, crowdfunding for scientific ideas and rewarding different participants. 

How my business idea changes the content industry:
Scienceroot provides the opportunity to store data in an unchangeable and encrypted database – also called a Blockchain. This can help prevent intellectual property theft and make it much easier to assign rights, seeing as the identity of the scientists is also stored in the database. 

The advantage of Scienceroot is that it means that scientific ideas will be announced in a very open manner, whereby the creator of the concept will always be acknowledged first with the help of Blockchain. We believe that this will be a tremendous gain for overall scientific progress, which will also drive forward the general development of mankind.  

Mentor:Detflef Büttner (Board)

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