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Alexander Woge Founder & CEO knk Customer Engagement GmbH / knk Group

Alexander Woge
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A well-done digital transformation turns a caterpillar into a butterfly. A poorly done one just gives you a really fast caterpillar.
(George Westermann)
As a member of the CONTENTshift jury, I look forward to promoting fresh and innovative ideas and actively contributing to the digitalisation of the industry. #shapingthefuturetogether Alexander Woge

knk Group

The knk group is an internationally operating group of companies based in Kiel, Germany. They use modern software and innovative concepts to proactively support publishing houses and media companies in dealing with developments in the industry, achieving long-term competitive advantages and continuing to grow - they are technology experts with a sense for innovative yet pragmatic solutions. The knk Group supports over 450 media companies in Europe, North America and Asia and currently employs around 220 people at locations in Germany, the UK, France and the USA.
The team at knk Customer Engagement GmbH, a spin-off within the knk Group, develops innovative solutions for customer relationship management along the entire value chain of a media company - from marketing automation, sales and service CRM to data management, business intelligence and AI.

Alexander Woge

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