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Felix Rolf Co-Founder & CEO

Felix Rolf
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artificial connect GmbH

Name: artificial connect GmbH

My startup in a nutshell: artificial connect GmbH develops products for automated content creation. The focus lies on abstract text summaries and structured Body text creation, especially for regional media houses. 

Our Team:

Our founding team consists of four people: Alex Divivi, Felix Rolf, Dr. Marc Klages and Dr. Matthias Rettenmeier. Before founding artificial connect GmbH, Alex Divivi worked as a freelance software developer in various machine learning projects. Felix Rolf worked for the Madsack Media Group, most recently as Head of Sales Control. Dr. Marc Klages developed the Madsack Media Store for the Madsack Media Group and built it up as managing director. In his last position as Head of Digital Diversification, he was responsible for the digital investment activities of the Madsack Media Group. Dr. Matthias Rettenmeier was Chief Data Scientist at the Zalando Adtech Lab, responsible for the data-centric development of the products. Prior to this, he was Chief Data Scientist and shareholder of the Hamburg-based start-up company metrigo, which was later sold to Zalando.

Our founding history:

The four founders of artificial connect GmbH share a passion for content and data driven business models. With artificial connect the founding team pursues the goal of realising products at the interface of machine learning and publishing. This way, publishers are supported in the creation and distribution of content. Two of the founders, Felix Rolf and Dr. Marc Klages, got to know each other during their time at Madsack. In 2019 Alex Divivi and Felix Rolf attended a training course in machine learning, which was led by Dr. Matthias Rettenmeier. First ideas were exchanged, and later concrete business models were sketched out. The chemistry was right and the first steps in product development were taken.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:

artificial connect GmbH works on the implementation of two products: and ac.textsum. focuses on structured text creation. This represents a great challenge in some areas of journalism. For example in the area of (regional) events. Such events are announced by media houses to inform readers about local cultural offerings. With the product, flowing texts are generated from the structured event information and personalized texts are delivered to the readers. In this way, media houses and event companies can announce events from their distribution areas with automatically generated texts. The personalized playout can also increase the level of commitment, which has a positive effect on the subscription longevity. The product ac.textsum deals with the automated summarization of texts. Summaries, teasers, bullet points or headlines are created from journalistic texts. The goal is to use ac.textsum to automatically develop cross-channel layout proposals for journalistic content.


A personal recommendation led us to CONTENTshift. Our cooperation partner, the Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg (MIZ), told us about their very good experience with CONTENTshift. Within the framework of the accelerator, we hope that CONTENTshift and its partner network will give us even better access to the media industry and thus to potential customers. In addition, we consider CONTENTshift's team as a sparring partner for our ongoing product development and the transfer from development to production. Felix Rolf

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