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Tudor Bîrlea Co-Founder

Tudor Bîrlea
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Freya Sense this is not a storm

Name: Freya Sense

My startup in a nutshell: Content adapted to the personality of your audience.


LinkedIn: Freya Sense 

Our Team: Roxana Balan and Tudor Birlea

Our founding history:

We are Cambridge postgrads passionate about helping businesses empathise with their audience. Using behavioural science, we help organisations connect to a deeper level with their audiences and help them make their customers feel understood. Our algorithm, Freya, helps you figure out what makes people behave one way or another and how can connect with them and create meaningful relationships.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:

To be effective, every interaction has to be adapted to the hearts and minds of the people in your audience. Freya will help you adapt and frame the interactions to the personality traits, motivations, and emotions of your audience.

You can also find us here
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