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Christopher Klein CEO and Co-Founder

Christopher Klein
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Name: Buuk

My startup in a nutshell: Buuk's data-driven assortment optimisation helps publishers sell more books in the long term.

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Our team:

Christopher Klein (Founder and CEO), Jens Helbig (Founder and CEO), Christian Ritz (Business Angel), Kai Haase (Strategic IT-Partner), Jörg Dittmann (Lead Designer), Benjamin Kaul (Software developer), Dirk Dittmann (Software developer), Mark Troesken (Software developer), Julian Schadock (IT-System Admin), Malik Zafar (Software developer)

Our founding history: 

As students of international economics, finance and politics, we founded our own publishing house in 2011, alongside our studies and after realising our first joint book project. For years, however, we were unable to break even with our book sales. It remained a passionate hobby project, as we faced an almost insurmountable challenge. How do we succeed in making and keeping our book range maximally discoverable to ensure maximum visibility and thus increasing sales in the long term?

In 2017, we changed our approach dramatically. Through a consistent data-driven focus on discoverability and performance of our titles, we were able to increase our sales tenfold in 3 years. However, optimising our assortment required a lot of know-how, was extremely time-consuming and was done manually. The market did not have an automated solution. That's why we developed it.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

With Buuk, we address a basic problem that every publisher faces: The question of whether and how books from one's own range are found in online and stationary bookshops and how the discoverability can be improved in the long term. Buuk not only provides a comprehensive database, but also valuable, time-saving tips and tools that make sustainable product range optimisation possible in the first place. In Buuk, the publisher can observe how his optimisations are received on the marketplaces and what effect they actually have. This makes our solution unique. The result? Books with Buuk support are found more often by customers and sell better in the long term.

After first going through a more tech-driven accelerator, CONTENTshift is now the ideal programme to further develop our product with relevant market participants and the ideal contacts from the book industry. We are looking forward to the exchange with the mentors and jury members, but also with the other startups, in order to perfect our business idea. Christopher Klein

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