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Corin Freyer Co-Founder

Corin Freyer
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Name: DayOff

My startup in a nutshell: From specialist literature to everyday work: DayOff trains employees' soft skills through a combination of daily challenges, gamification and machine learning.

Website: DayOff 

Instagram: @dayoff_germany


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Our team: 

The founding team of DayOff consists of Corin Freyer and Lino Toran Jenner. Corin Freyer has an academic background in psychology and business computer science and is an integral coach. Lino Toran Jenner has an academic background in psychology and computer science and is a machine learning expert.

Our founding history: 

We are passionate about soft skills and how they can be trained efficiently. From the beginning, it was clear to us: we had to find a technical solution to the problem of sustainable motivation and effectiveness of conventional trainings. So we developed DayOff by combining psychology, computer science, coaching and machine learning. Soft skills should not only be taught theoretically (e-learning), but should be applied in everyday life by each individual and each team in the entire company (e-doing). And this every day anew!

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

We think training content in a new way: We focus on practical and daily application: The aim is not just to consume knowledge, but to apply it!

We see the CONTENTshift accelerator as a great opportunity to expand our network in the content industry and to further develop DayOff with experts from the field. Corin Freyer

You can also find us here
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