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Diana Huth Co-Founder and CEO

Diana Huth
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Name: ACTitude

My startup in a nutshell: Hello! We are ACTitude – Your companion for psychic flexibility. Whether it is stress, lovesickness or self-doubt – with our online courses you can overcome the emotional challenges of the everyday life. Short, multimedia lectures, anonymous and available at any time.

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Our team: 

Diana Huth – CEO & Co-Founder – Clinical Psychologist (M.Sc.) & Media Producer (B.A.)
Theresa Frank – COO & Co-Founder – Psychologist (M.Sc.) & Researcher
Marie Fuchs – Content Creator – Psychology Student & Designer

Our founding history: 

Why is no one teaching us how to deal with self-doubt, stress and lovesickness? For everyday stressful situations there is very little support so far. Only when the coping attempts push us to our limits and manifest as a clinically relevant problem, is assistance available. With ACTitude we want to prepare people for the emotional challenges of the everyday life – before it is too late.

As psychologists and media experts we are creating a digital platform with ACTitude that follows our leitmotif „There is no one way, there is just your way” and we work with personalised paths of learning, which consider the contentual and medial preferences and personality profiles of the users. This way everyone can take away what they need at that moment.

Through user research, we have developed the topics and product features based on the needs of our target audience. Our first online course “Dealing with Stress” is a prevention measure following the German §20 SGB V. Due to the certification, B2C customers can get the costs reimbursed by the statutory health insurance and B2B costumers have tax advantages.

Easy access (on a technical as well as a financial level) is important to us. This is why we meet people where they are looking for help most often: anonymously on the web. With lots of free web-content we aim to inform and at the same time spark enthusiasm for our products in people. Since we have experience in marketing and advertising agencies, we know that answering popular search request is a helpful way to reach many people.

We are working with the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an effective development of the behavioural therapy. It uses practical exercises and metaphors close to everyday life, which makes it particularly suited for a preventative target audience. Diana Huth learned ACT as a psychologist at a rehabilitation facility through a patient and has learned to work with it the past 10 years.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

Through ACTitude we are connecting different media landscapes. Psychological experts profit from our medial processing by gaining a new way to present themselves. Most of them are already active as authors and as such we transfer the written world to a media landscape that can be experienced. When doing this, it is important to us to fit our offer to our users: stressed managers face different challenges than a parent, who has to balance bringing up the child(ren), household chores and their life outside the family. Still, both perceive their situations as stressful. A one-size-fits-all course would possibly fail to have the desired effect on either of them.

CONTENTshift offers us the opportunity to get in contact with different players from the book industry and look for shared potentials. As an agile startup with fresh content ideas and lots of psychological and digital know-how, we offer an innovative idea and hope for an extension of our reach and our network through the programme. Ideally, we hope for a partnership with some of players. Diana Huth

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