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Moritz Kutschera Co-Founder, Content & Marketing

Moritz Kutschera
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Name: enna

My startup in a nutshell: enna facilitates the internet for everyone! With our haptic control concept, even people without digital literacy can access services such as videotelephony, digital content or information from the internet.

Our team: 

At this time there are overall 9 people around the founding-team.

The founders:
Jakob, who developed our enna dock.
Tim, who developed our enna app.
And Moritz, who is in charge of our brand presence and makes sure that enna reaches as many people as possible.

We all know each other since school and are passionate about the aim to make internet possible for everyone!

Our founding history: 

Jakob brought the topic „digital participation” to our attention. His grandmother complained that the whole family was sharing holiday pictures and the like via WhatsApp and stayed up to date that way. And simply because she cannot operate a tablet, smartphone or other device, she could not take part.

To resolve this problem, Jakob build her a simple mini-PC with only 3 control keys. That way the whole family could send photos or videos to grandma as well and she was happy.

Moritz was so excited about Jakob’s idea that he immediately ordered another mini-PC for his grandma. Very quickly, the word spread among their friends, which led to Jakob building 20 copies of the device. All while working at his then full-time job.

Especially with the beginning of the pandemic, we noticed how hard the isolation is for many people. Just because they are not able to use digital devices. Our goal is to solve this problem together – with the simplest control concept.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

In Germany alone, there are 10 million people, who do not use the internet. Of course, there are those who have no interest in using digital content. However, most of them simply aren’t able to. Those are the people, for whom we want to open the door to the digital world.

That way, we make it possible for a lot of people to have access to the wide world of digital content and at the same time we make it possible for the content industry to reach a whole new and so far digitally unreachable target audience.

We applied for CONTENTshift because content plays a very big role for our solution. In our enna card store, we want to make as much digital content available and usable as possible. CONTENTshift brings us together with the most important players of the book industry. And through our coaches and mentors, we also learn how the industry works, what to look out for and much more. Moritz Kutschera

You can also find us here
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