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Johannes Wöhler Founder

Johannes Wöhler
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Name: Heimsafari

My startup in a nutshell: 

Heimsafari turns your home into a fantasy world through digitally supported riddle adventures for children and adolescents.

Our team: 

Johannes Wöhler, Founder

Our founding history: 

The idea for Heimsafari came into being durin the corona pandemic. Being a father of four children during the first lockdown, made me think about how the own home could be turned into a place where children could experience great adventures. After a successful first prototype, I developed an app which families could easily use to organise and experiences stories in their own home.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

Through Heimsafari, book series and brands can come alive for families. The children become the heroes of the stories and experience amazing adventures in their own four walls.

In our current stage, Heimsafari is most looking forward to receiving expertise from the content industry as well as building a network with publishers through CONTENTshift. Johannes Wöhler

You can also find us here
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