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Jacob Cordts Co-Founder

Jacob Cordts
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Name: QuizCo

My startup in a nutshell: Experience literature from a completely new perspective: QuizCo constructs unique learning possibilities for you from nearly every book. Fast. Individual. Through artificial intelligence.

Our team: 

Our team consists of 17 amazing members.
The founders are:
Wiebke Barth
Maximilian Friedrich
Jacob Cordts

Our founding history: 

Since the beginning of 2018, it is our aim to advance individual learning to create long-lasting learning achievements. Because learning with the given materials and generalised learning offers simply isn’t successful for everyone in the same way. For that reason, Wiebke, Max and Jacob started to develop a solution in order to support individual learning in a fair way.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:

The artificial intelligence of QuizCo’s Content-Processor makes it possible to analyse texts and turn them into high-quality learning content within seconds. The new content, such as index cards or mnemonic sentences, are created automatically and can directly be used digitally. Furthermore, attractive additional offers like trivia questions or tasks for exam preparation can be generated. That way offers are not only digital, but also interactive.

We see CONTENTshift as an excellent opportunity to validate innovative ideas and products for the industry where they create added value. Through working directly with the industry experts, we, as a startup, can gain qualified and in-depth insights into the market and its challenges. Jacob Cordts

You can also find us here
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