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Veronika Haberler CEO

Veronika Haberler
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Name: Bookscreener

My startup in a nutshell: BOOKSCREENER is the data science and search engine for publishers and their audiences. We integrate eBooks into a multi-disciplinary and interactive real-time full-text search. No matter whether users are looking for a new work for their library, or whether they want to look up something specifically, or research it freely: BOOKSCREENER finds and delivers all relevant pages in no time at all.

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Our team: 

Veronika (CEO, Project Management, Design) and Peter (Legal & IP) are the founding team of LeReTo that developed BOOKSCREENER. Christian, as our lead developer, brings together front- and backend, Stefan is responsible for the data science part.

Our founding history: 

We wanted to take the frustration out of research and bring pleasure into it. Our goal: to make searching and finding specialised content an enjoyable experience!

That’s why we developed BOOKSCREENER – an interactive, multi-disciplinary research and specialist book tool that makes the entire science book collection of publishers accessible and changes the way we work with books in the digital age.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

At LeReTo, we have been dealing with legal research and knowledge work for more than 10 years. Recently, we focussed on engaging with multi-disciplinary research and knowledge work. It has always been important to us to take the users' perspective and to make the touch points with specialised information as simple and convenient as possible.

Our innovations follow an evolutionary approach: for us, it is not a contradiction to harmonically combine the existing with the radically new. BOOKSCREENER does just that - it builds a bridge between analogue printed works and the digital world. Whether it is due to our socialisation or some other "magic ingredient" that makes us reach for the medium of books again and again: The printed page has its justification even in times of Large Language Models and Big Data, but it deserves an innovative digital upgrade, which BOOKSCREENER would like to contribute!

In the industry, CONTENTshift is an institution you can't get past. It seemed clear to us that we simply had to introduce BOOKSCREENER to the jury and coaches. What we find particularly convincing about CONTENTshift's accelerator concept is that industry leaders are brought together with founders with the aim of making their innovative products successful and developing sustainable business models together.

We are very happy to be able to work on our vision of BOOKSCREENER together with our coach and mentors from Lehmanns Media and Schweitzer Fachinformationen. Veronika Haberler

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