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Lars Leipson CEO

Lars Leipson
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Name: Lit-X

My startup in a nutshell: Lit-X makes it possible to analyse and predict literary success. 

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Our team: 

Lars Leipson, Co-Founder with focus on "Business". He studied Social Science & Psychology and Management & Entrepreneurship and worked for Statista, Boston Consulting Group and Roland Berger.

Sebastian Hermanns, Co-Founder with focus on "Data Science". Studied Mathematics and Statistics as well as Data Science and worked at Berenberg and the Boston Consulting Group.

Our founding history: 

Lit-X started with an unpublished novel that Lars wrote during his consulting time as a creative balance. In the course of an unsuccessful publishing attempt by a publisher, Lars started to look into the book industry. This initially gave rise to the idea of a platform that connects authors and publishers. But then, over Alsterwasser and sunshine (we are from Hamburg), Sebastian's data science background came to the fore: the idea was to use literary data "somehow". And then ... everything took its course (in the direction of CONTENTshift).

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

Basically, Lit-X offers two products, Success Analytics and Success Prediction. Success Analytics enables publishers, literature distributors, agents and authors to use market-covering and international literature data to conduct trend scouting, optimize pricing and serve numerous individual use cases. Success Prediction makes it possible to isolate success drivers of a genre, as well as to estimate the expected success of a publication and to simulate content alternatives.

On an industry level, Lit-X addresses the fundamental "hit" problem of the book industry (trend scouting), helps to reduce financial pressure (optimized pricing) and enables the benefits of advanced data science methods for all employees (success prediction).

On an individual level, Lit-X enables especially editorial and sales staff of publishing houses to approach their work even better and data-driven, we save them time and effort, so they can focus on value-adding tasks and prevent frustration that arises when having to deal with unmanageable amounts of data manually.

For Lit-X, CONTENTshift offers exclusive access to high-level experience and expertise in the book industry, which is essential especially for founders from outside the industry. This allows for learning from jury members, coaches, and other startups, further developing the business model, and ultimately developing a more successful startup. In addition, CONTENTshift offers a dramatically attractive platform to become better known, a great gift to gain access to a network-driven industry. Lars Leipson

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