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Felix Weiß CEO

Felix Weiß
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Name: to teach

My startup in a nutshell: We are to teach - the artificial intelligence for the education of the future. With to teach, we use artificial intelligence to generate personalised educational content. Content that adapts in real time to the interests, abilities and needs of the learners. We support teachers in offering individual lessons for all learners. At the same time, we also make our technology available to education providers so that they can create content even faster and better.

Our team: 

Felix Weiß

Marius Lindenmeier

Our founding history: 

We released our first MVP in 2018. Since then, our product has evolved from a B2C solution to Saas for B2B: thea Content-Distribution Platform ( it, we enable education providers to digitize and enrich analog content, create digital content, and then show that content out to their target audience.

But last December, everything changed as the topic of AI became more mainstream. Instead of manually creating digital content on our platform, we now have the ability to create, customize and scale content with AI. That's how the idea for to teach was born.

With to teach, we use AI to create customized educational content. We show this content to teachers and learners via our platform. At the same time, we give other education actors (LMS, school, publisher, ...) the opportunity to benefit from our technology and integrate to teach into their systems and products.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

With to-teach we create completely new possibilities to create individual educational content.

We provide an AI model, which:

  • is optimized for the creation of educational content,
  • is supported by our own database and trained by our community of educators
  • and is super easy to use while we create content in a form that is immediately usable in the classroom.

In this way, we enable teachers to offer customized lessons and empower educational organizations to create appropriate materials, digitize their portfolio, and make their content scalable with AI.

The CONTENTshift program offers the perfect entry into the world of publishing and editing. Together with various education providers, we want to further develop our AI authoring tool to support authors and editors in the creation of customized content and, in the long term, set up our own AI model with the respective provider.
We are looking forward to the expertise and exciting sparring partners who challenge us with the right questions. Felix Weiß

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