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Video interview with #cosh17 winner WriteReader 30.04.2018

What we experienced after the CONTENTshift finale:
We had a really great week during the finals at the Book Fair. We met many interesting and potential partners for WriteReader in the German market. Our goal was to understand the German market better and eventually find partners who can take WriteReader to the German market. We are talking with 3 potential partners and hopefully, we would be able to close our first partnership in the first half of 2018. 

We owe the following successes to CONTENTshift:
I would thank CONTENshift for the excellent support provided. Especially the networking opportunities provided by ContentShift with relevant industry players was key for us to understand and potentially grow in the German market. 

My tip for all the applicants and finalists involved in #cosh18:
To take advantage of all the network opportunities provided and to learn from the talented mentors and coaches. Be honest about your challenges and have a sharp focus on what you want to achieve from the German market.

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Wird geladen...