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Get your place at the Frankfurt Book Fair: The CONTENTshift joint booth 26.07.2019

At this year's Frankfurt Book Fair (October 16 - October 20, 2019), we offer startups a discounted place at our CONTENTshift joint booth (500€ without taxes) in cooperation with EDUvation in the Edtech Start-up Area (Halle 4.2). This offer is exclusive for CONTENTshift startup club membersand finalists of the CONTENTshift accelerator and comprises:
• A high table (roughly 40cm*50cm) with storage compartments. The high table can be painted or customized individually. Each exhibition area can be equipped with monitors, laptops and other presentation materials. Your company logo will be printed on the upper area of the pylon. 

• This includes electricity, wifi (1 device), all of the fair and marketing costs, beverages (water, coffee, tea), possible participation fees for workshops, co-exhibitor fees, 1 exhibitor id, daily cleaningng

• Per day, there is one presentation slot at one of the speakers’s corners and the opportunity to offer a workshop or presentation in the nearby workshop area.

The booth will be equipped with a CONTENTshift poster as well as the logos of the presenting startups. Please note that due to lack of space, there won’t be space for individual rollups. !

You can register until September 30th, 2019.

No member of the startup club yet or curious to find out more?
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