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Video interview with #cosh17 finalist CHAI 25.04.2018

What we experienced after the CONTENTshift finale:

After sharpening our focus thanks to CONTENTshift we’ve been able to win over new B2B customers in the language learning field. In the B2C space, our daily mini-stories for German and English learners has really taken off, with double digit growth rates every week. 

We owe the following successes to CONTENTshift:

CONTENTshift really raised the visibility of our startup and boosted our credibility, opening doors to new publishers. The mentoring program and the feedback from the jury was also extremely helpful in giving us a clearer focus. The exchange with the other startups was also instrumental. This all makes the process of getting new customers faster, easier and more fun! 

My tip for all the applicants and finalists involved in #cosh18:

Interact with the jury as much as you can! You will never get such detailed and open feedback from your customers. Focus on your core passion, that will take you the farthest. We were not focused enough in our product offer and that was confusing people. In this case, less is definitely more. CONTENTshift is also a lot of fun. Enjoy it! The workshop weekend was definitely the highlight.

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