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Eligibility criteria CONTENTshift
(Last updated: 6 April 2016)

1. CONTENTshift Platform
The Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V. (German Publishers and Booksellers Association, hereafter referred to as Börsenverein) is the organiser of the CONTENTshift platform, the goal of which is to bring startups offering innovative book-related services into contact with companies already active in the industry.

2. Competition to determine the best business model
The CONTENTshift platform will be used to organise a competition in which a jury will decide which startup has the best business model.

3. Provision of documents covering the business model of the startup
A prerequisite for participation in the CONTENTshift programme is that each startup provide the Börsenverein with documents detailing its business model. These documents will be provided to all companies supporting the CONTENTshift competition.

4. Right to documents
Each participating startup will be required to guarantee that it is the owner of all rights to the documents and content submitted to the Börsenverein, including the right to transfer the materials to others.

5. Image material
Any image material uploaded by a startup will be used by the Börsenverein within the framework of its public relations work and for any additional publicity showcasing the CONTENTshift platform and startups. It will be used in digital form (especially on the internet via websites and social media) and, if necessary, in printed materials.

The startup guarantees that it is entitled to provide the Börsenverein with this image material and that it has obtained all necessary usage rights (in particular the rights of the photographer to the image as well as the consent of any persons depicted therein).

6. Information about the startup and individuals behind the startup
The information provided to the Börsenverein by the startup about the startup itself and about the individuals active at the startup will be shared by the Börsenverein with the companies supporting the CONTENTshift platform as well as with the jury. The Börsenverein shall be entitled – but no obliged – to use this information within the framework of its public relations work as well as for additional coverage showcasing the platform in either printed or digital form (especially on the internet via websites and social media).

7. Liability
The startup indemnifies the Börsenverein in full from all liability for the violation of the rights of third parties (including, in particular, laws pertaining to copyright, privacy, trademark and competition).


CONTENTshift geht weiter!

Ab April 2017 bringen wir wieder Start-ups und etablierte Branchenunternehmen zusammen. Sie möchten mit Ihrem Start-up teilnehmen? Die Anmeldung 2017 und weitere Infos folgen in Kürze – stay tuned!

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CONTENTshift sets out on its second year!

Starting in April 2017, we will be working hard to forge even closer ties between startups and established industry players. Are you developing a startup and interested in taking part? Details about the 2017 programme including registration and other information are on the way – stay tuned!

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