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Dennis Levin Thadeus Roth

Dennis Levin
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Thadeus Roth

My Startup and Me

When people ask me what I do for a living I reply:
A few years ago me and a few others incorporated a startup that makes people become part of a story. Media you use in your everyday life plays a major role in the concept, e.g. you might get calls, texts or mails from characters. You might investigate on websites or get in touch virtually via social media. We sell those interactive stories online, but right now we mainly work with large customers from the media industry, e.g. for TATORT (longest-running German TV-drama).

If I wanted to explain my business model to my grandmother I would say:
I know you love that tv show “In aller Freundschaft”. Imagine all over sudden you could be part of the show in real life. Maybe the professor you love so much calls you and asks you to find something for him…and you might actually be able to help him. Like that you are going to become part of the story. That would be an awesome gift, wouldn’t it?

My idea will change the content industry because...
…it is a completely new product, which makes stories – but also information and knowledge – experienceable in a completely new way.

My motivation

My work makes me happy when…
…we get positive feedback from our customers or I suddenly, get a new idea.

To be able to work well I need…
…the right balance between new ideas and smooth-running processes. And of course, you can’t do anything without a great Team!

My experiences

My best experience until now:
- Technical modalities establish the framework for ideas and models. Not the other way around.
- Always stay flexible and don’t be afraid of change of directions.
- Decide on the basis of the user experience.

Never again would I…
…establish a B2C model without a reliable sales method or a corresponding marketing budget.

When I meet investors I…
…hope to find a loyal business partner.

The future

When I overcome the next obsticle,…
…we well have established a B2C product with a reliable sales method by the end of 2017.

If everything happens as planned now, in five years my company will…
…be a reliable basis for new innovations and related business models.

If I had a free wish…
…I would use my wish for something other than work. After all, we have the possibility to make your dreams come true ourselves.

In ten years content will be…
…provided, at least in parts, in ways we can’t even imagine right now. Maybe in 5 years. Hence: Try,learn and carry on.
A little footnote: Someone who uses AR and VR and related storytelling must have done something right.

You can also find us here
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