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Andrew Rhomberg
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One of the motivations for us to apply at the CONTENTshift accelerator is that the Jellybooks Cloud Reader takes us well beyond the ecosystem of large publishers whom we usually work with and touches book retailers, book distributors, smaller publishers and others. Developing relationships and partnerships across the wider book ecosystem is our prime motivation for participating in CONTENTshift, while also exploring new opportunities for developing and deploying data-smart solutions in publishing. Andrew Rhomberg

Name: Jellybooks Cloud Reader

My startup in a nutshell: 
Read and share eBooks as easily as a YouTube video!
Based on Readium 2, jellybooks has develloped a Cloud Reader with integrated Reader Analytics that allows publishers to asses how often a reading sample is read, if it motivates the reader to buy the whole book, if it supports word-of-mouth advertising, what the ideal length for a reading sample is and a lot more.

Our Team:
•    Andrew Rhomberg (Austria)
•    Jeff Abrahamson (France/USA)
•    Andy Roberts (Great Britain)
•    Jiminy Panoz (France)

Our founding story:

Jellybooks started in 2011 with a mission of making book publishing more data-smart.
In 2015, Jellybooks launched its (now “classical”) reader analytics service. As part of this service, Jellybooks recruits hundreds of “regular readers” to test reader engagement for books before they are launched. While recruiting test readers via email and (paid) social media, we noticed that the available third party engagement metrics (impressions, opens, clicks, etc.) were often incomplete or misleading.
In response to this gap, we developed a solution that collects more accurate data and collects this data along all the touchpoints from initial click through to download and reading. With this new tool we have been able to assess in real-time how a post, image or shout-line performs in terms of recruiting actual readers and how to improve its performance. As a direct consequence, we have been able to significantly lower our cost of acquisition per reader.
We hypothesized that publishers have a need for such a data-driven tool in their own marketing campaigns. Based on years of experience with how readers struggle with reading apps and file downloads, we decided to develop this new service for publishers around a cloud reader for ebook samples
We demoed a prototype at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 and based on the positive feedback, we launched a beta version at the Leipziger Buchmnesse in 2019.

How my business idea changes the content industry:

The Jellybooks Cloud Reader offers simple, friction-free, one-click access to eBook samples.
The integrated analytics allows publishers to understand not only if and how users read the samples, but also to develop insights into every touch point along the user’s journey from “discovery” to “buy” (also known as the “purchase funnel”).
The purpose of collecting this data is to improve and optimize book promotions in real-time. The data being collected allows for rapid improvement of marketing assets, shifting budgets to the best performing channels, and agile resource allocation. The goal of this data-smart approach is to maximize the audience that can be reached and to do so at the lowest cost possible with minimum effort.

Instagram: jellybooks_deutsch (und @jellybooks)
LinkedIn: Jeyllbooks
Facebook:@Jellybooks Deutsch (und @jellybooks)

Mentor:Ronald Schild (Managing Director MVB)

You can also find us here
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