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Gesa Schöning Qualifiction

Gesa Schöning
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Qualifiction's Success Story: The startup wowed the entire jury of the CONTENTshift accelerator 2019 with its business model, winning the competition and the prize money of €10,000. And the success story continued: Ronald Schild, jury member and CEO of the technology and information provider MVB, then pushed a successful collaboration between Qualifiction and MVB. The new product was introduced to the book market in 2022 – it is a new categorisation system for books that the entire book industry can access. While books were previously categorised exclusively according to product groups, the new categorisation according to "Reading Rationales" now makes it possible to take readers' needs and emotions into account when buying a book. 

Name: Qualifiction

My startup in a nutshell:
The AI ​​software LiSA analyzes books in just 60 seconds and predicts success: the cloud solution for publishers and authors.

Twitter: @QualiFiction
Facebook: QualiFiction

Mentor: Hermann Eckel

The CONTENTshift accelerator is not about having finished solutions. It rather serves a common exchange between startups and industry players that is profitable and fruitful for both sides. The industry players can give startups an idea about the real challenges they are facing. And the startups can create solutions that are actually relevant for the book industry. In addition, the press work and media coverage make sure that not only the members of the jury but a broad base hear about those approaches and solutions. Gesa Schöning

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