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Dr. Carsten Borchert CEO

Dr. Carsten Borchert
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Name: SciFlow  

My startup in a nutshell: SciFlow is an online text editor for researchers and students, which allows scientific texts to be created, edited in teams and formatted at the push of a button.






Our Team: Frederik Eichler, Stefanie Andres, Arthur Höring, Carsten Borchert

Our founding history:

The founders of SciFlow, Carsten and Frederik, have known each other for more than a decade. Frederik had the idea for an easy-to-use word processing tool when he helped his fellow students format their Word documents as a student. As a computer scientist, he thought of a tool as powerful as LaTeX and easier to use than MS Word. Carsten was enthusiastic about this idea because as a researcher he experienced first-hand the pain of writing and publishing during his doctoral Thesis.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:

SciFlow enables authors, whether students or researchers, to write their scientific texts easily together. No more frustrating formatting or email chaos. Our technology should also enable academic libraries and publishers to map publication workflows with one tool. In this way we want to simplify scientific writing and publishing.


Networking, new partners and many impulses on how we can advance SciFlow - this is what we want to accomplish with CONTENTshift. Carsten Borchert

You can also find us here
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