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Christina Oskui Founder

Christina Oskui
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Name: PlusPlural

My startup in a nutshell: Learning to read stories with haptic Feedback.


Twitter:Christina Oskui

Instagram: PlusPlural

Facebook: Christina Oskui Pascal Heußner

LinkedIn: Christina Oskui Pascal Heußner

Our Team:

Pascal Heußner - Product designer
Christina Oskui - Author, Selfpublisher, Social Entrepreneur, Idea development

Our founding history:

Pascal came to my attention through a recommendation. After I told him about my wish to make children's books for blind and seeing children equally attractive and user-friendly, he already started the first drafts during our conversation. I liked his enthusiasm for this topic, which I have been working on for quite some time, so I decided to cooperate with him. We have already been to the Innovation Festival in Kiel together. At future!publish2020, I was also able to give a presentation on our project and made contacts with the book industry there. As a result, we applied for CONTENTshift this year and are very pleased to have made it to the next round.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:

Sighted and blind children use a common medium in the form of a book box containing both Braille and standard writing and tactile illustrations. In this way, children can learn to read together in a playful way without any restrictions. For learning to write, we also offer a concept that makes both Braille and standard writing visible and tangible.

To transform the accustomed form of classic children's books and books for blind and visually impaired children, we need active support and many multipliers from the book industry to make this innovative product marketable. CONTENTshift offers the great advantage of raising awareness for this topic at all, because there are currently no children's books in Germany that are equally suitable for both sighted and blind children. PLUSPLURAL is all about making it easier for children to read together. Christina Oskui

You can also find us here
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