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Frederic Geiger Founder

Frederic Geiger
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Name: Questlog

My startup in a nutshell: Questlogs are individual repositories for analogue and digital souvenirs that help keep special moments present and accessible.


LinkedIn: Questlog

Our team: Frederic (Founder), Markus (Performance Marketing), Stefan (Production)

Our founding history:

The idea is based on three observations: Firstly, special moments on journeys are often linked to small inconspicuous objects that we take home as souvenirs. Secondly, these souvenirs unfortunately often disappear into boxes or drawers. Thirdly, collecting e.g. Starbucks cups, Hard Rock Café Tshirts or cola cans from visited countries for presentation purposes is very common among travellers. Questlogs combine these aspects. They are an alternative to the elaborately designed photo album, allow a sorted, beautiful presentation of journeys as well as complementary access to beautiful moments.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry:  

With questlogs, we are bringing the tactile aspect back to remembering and want to change the way travel experiences are shared. Digital images are one thing, but a small object with a special personal meaning can tell a story or evoke memories in a different way. Questlogs are an alternative to the extremely fast paced sharing of experiences in real time via social media and can therefore have an impact on how these experiences are experienced in the present.


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