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Jonas Al-Nemri CEO

Jonas Al-Nemri
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Name: Scriptbakery AI

My startup in a nutshell:  Scriptbakery AI is the software for digital manuscript acceptance, manuscript management and AI-supported analysis for publishers and content companies.


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Our Team: Jonas, Géraldine, Patrick, Tony, Michael, Kai, Samuel, Anne, Caroline, Lisa & Linda

Our founding history:

Scriptbakery was actually a tool for ourselves, as in 2018 we faced the challenge of screening unsolicited manuscripts for publishers as part of a research project. We discovered that the proofreaders could not efficiently view, manage or evaluate the masses of text. In a survey conducted during the BMWI's Exist 2019 funding programme, we were able to show that 95-99% of all incoming manuscripts have to be rejected unread, and that the publishers lack the necessary resources. In addition, these manuscripts - although they are not read - trigger processes that put a strain on the publisher. The publishers are therefore not only unable to use their main resource text efficiently, they also lose money. Scriptbakery aims to change this. In the same year we started with our prototype for pilot customers. Our goal has always been to develop the tool even further to fit the needs of the publishers.

This is how our business idea transforms the content industry: 

We digitise and automate the entire manuscript handling process. As an assisting system Scriptbakery AI with its Artificial Intelligence Alinea has the goal to support editors in their daily work. Editors get fast and intuitive access to incoming manuscripts. In addition to extensive text analysis, Scriptbakery AI also offers support in the area of author- and metadata. This puts us at the top of the value chain and enables us to complement existing publishing software and infrastructures.

In the spirit of the claim "pushing the boundaries of publishing", CONTENTshift is one of the most important programmes in the industry for us. It gives start-ups access to important networks, establishes contacts with decision-makers in the industry and (further) develops their own business model close to their customers. The Accelerator covers the diversity of the industry: from publishers of all sizes and orientations to booksellers and industry service providers. Jonas Al-Nemri

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