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Announcement Top 5 & Beginning Programme 20 June to October 2024

The programme for the final five startups

Over the course of this three-month programme, the startups will be coached by one of our experts, Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter or Dr. Harald Henzler. With their in-depth industry expertise, these two will be able to provide many practical tips and also help each startup check its business and revenue model for potential weak points.

After carefully evaluating the character of the five startups at the very beginning of the programme, the experts will then present each startup with a tailor-made task relating to their specific business model; it is then up to the startups to come up with an effective solution to this challenge and to present their responses at the Workshop Weekend.

In addition, each start-up will receive a mentor (i.e. a jury member) who will advise the startup for the duration of the programme.

The programme also comprises the workshop weekend (which might take place digitally this year) and a webinar in which the participants will be offered access to the following:

  • fundamental industry know-how (legal frameworks, market standards, value creation chains, etc.)
  • practical sales tips
  • presentation training
  • design thinking
  • team building

The programme will also foster the exchange of contacts between startups and jury members as well as fruitful networking with further industry participants.

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