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Co-Creation Workshop 11 - 13 September 2024

The Co-Creation Workshop, held 11-13 September at the mediacampus in Frankfurt, is the highlight of the whole programme.

In the first half, the top 5 startups of the year will receive workshops and coachings specifically for founders (i.e. a presentation training) set under the motto "Brain Boost - for Startups only" from our coaches Prof. Dr. Okke Schlüter and Prof. Dr. Harald Henzler. With their long practical and systematic experience, they support the startups in learning to avoid typical stumbling blocks and forseeable obstacles as well as to develop strategies.

In the second half, our jury will join the participating startups and help them in determining a course of action. The founders will discuss their business models and their current challenges with the major industry players in a direct exchange, where they will also explore the options for cooperation and cultivate their contacts, which will stay with them beyond the programme. 

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