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Video interview with #cosh18 winner SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot provides AI cloud services for text and multimedia analysis, it extracts the most important information, keywords and key-phrases from documents, audio and images, and turns your content into structured data


Video interview with #cosh18 winner Sigmund Talks

Sigmund Talks is a personal assistant for content marketing. An intelligent chatbot supports solopreneurs and small marketing teams in creating fantastic content – from the initial idea all the way to final publication.


Video interview with #cosh18 finalist provides children of all ages with a mobile language lab that allows them to strengthen their German language skills on an individual basis.


Video interview with #cosh18 finalist mindzip

MindZip transforms repetition into an easy and entertaining daily habit. Users can internalise up to 20 books every year with just 5 minutes of MindZip per day.


Video interview with #cosh18 finalist Scienceroot

A blockchain-based scientific ecosystem that combines all requirements during the scientific discovery process.


Press Release: Sigmund Talks and SummarizeBot named Content Startups of the Year 2018

The German startup Sigmund Talks and the Latvian startup SummarizeBot were named “Content Startups of the Year” at the Frankfurt Book Fair today.


Our startup offers at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Once again, we have planned many exciting startup events for the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Press Release: Who will be named Content Startup of the Year 2018? CONTENTshift promotes five startups in the media industry

Five startups from Germany, Latvia and Romania are vying to become this year’s ‘Content Startup of the Year’. The final five startups were selected by the CONTENTshift jury out of 32 submissions from nine different countries.


Video interview with #cosh17 winner WriteReader

Our goal was to understand the German market better and eventually find partners who can take WriteReader to the German market. In this endeavour, CONTENTshift provided excellent support.


Video interview with #cosh17 finalist CHAI

After sharpening our focus thanks to CONTENTshift we’ve won over new B2B customers in the language learning field. In the B2C space, our daily mini-stories for German and English learners have taken off, with double digit growth rates every week.


Video interview with #cosh17 finalist CHAI

Kontextlab has been developing terrifically since the CS17 finale. For example, we launched a number of prototypes together with several companies that had been on the CS jury; at the moment, we are setting up a number of potential collaborations.


CONTENTshift: Startup accelerator set to foster top content startups

ounders wanted! The Börsenvereinsgruppe (German Publishers and Booksellers Association Group) is launching the third instalment of its CONTENTshift programme designed to foster startups in the book and media industry.

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